• New tires: how to choose the best tire for your car

    Without a doubt, tires are essential parts for the safety and comfort of a car and, therefore, in addition to being calibrated, their conditions must be checked frequently, after all, any carelessness in this regard can have serious consequences.


    But how do you know when to buy new car tires ? What are the best tires? Choosing new tires is not so easy and you need to evaluate some technical details, but also other details such as prices, quality, etc.


    Some important information already comes in the vehicles own manual, such as the correct pressure, the frequency of alignment and balancing, the types of tires most suitable for the car model, etc.


    A detail to note is that many people only decide to change the tires on their vehicle when they realize that they are “bald”, however, this is only one of the first precautions to be observed.


    As mentioned, in the manual it has been informing a series of others that require changing the tire , such as the pressure level and the mileage to make alignment, balance and calibration, therefore, one should not only observe if the tire is “bald” or not , there are other factors that compromise tire safety .


    Therefore, we will tell you how to choose the best car tires .


    Types of Tire Models


    After you know your vehicle's tire data according to your car manufacturer's manual, you can already understand the tire size and other technical details.


    Therefore, the next step would be to choose the type of car tire models based on some criteria such as where you use the car and also to analyze the best tires.


    In addition, it is important to pay attention to the main and best tire brands on the market such as Bridgestone , Pirelli , Continental and Michelin .

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    On-Road Tires


    This is one of the car tire models that are indicated for vehicles that will predominantly ride on asphalt or paved roads.

    The On-Road tires have grooves that are not wide, so that the part that comes into contact with the ground is increased, which provides greater adhesion.


    Off-road tires


    Off-road tires, on the other hand, are car tire models suitable for cars that will ride on unpaved terrain or with lots of mud and sand.

    If you choose new off-road tires you should prepare yourself because they are more robust and resistant models, have wider grooves, therefore they are not recommended for asphalt, as they would end up wearing out much faster.


    Mixed Tires


    Another of the car tire models that exist on the market and that those looking for new tires should analyze, are the Mixed tires.

    This is one of the best tires for cars, as they are ideal for those who want to use the vehicle both on asphalt and pavement, as well as on unpaved and muddy terrain. View here for more info: nitto nt555 g2 review


    This program is a good alternative for many who walk on these two types of terrain, as it avoids the driver having to alternate between the two types of tires (on-road and off-road).


    Mixed tires have wider grooves than on-road tires, but not as wide and robust as off-road tires. However, despite not letting you down, this type of tire is not suitable for severe trails.


    Green Tires


    Another option of tires that are on the market are those that fall into the category of environmentally friendly and are popularly called green tires.


    Green tires are made with different materials than the traditional ones, which also make them lighter and with less rolling resistance, further increasing fuel economy.